i dont trust people who are organised enough to balance a fuck ton of school stuff on top of a normal life because you know who else could do that??? fucking light yagami


i won’t lie

i am in fact an “attention whore”

i need to feel like i actually matter to people

i need to feel like i’m not a totally horrible person

i need to feel like there are people who love me

because i’m certainly not gonna do it myself

Do you feel something when you hear my name?
Unknown (via stevenbong)

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It’s important to make friendships that are deeper than gossiping and drinking and smoking and going out.

Make friends who you can go get breakfast with, make friends you can cry with, make friends who support your life goals and believe in you.


Take a moment to think about who helps you find success. If you could choose one person, who has really been the most influential in helping you achieve success? Thank them now and see more on Strayer Buzz.


typing kkk instead of kk:


The person you think of when you stand in front of the ocean. That’s the person you’re in love with.
Colleen Michele (via poetrea)

me about to do a powerpoint presentation


me about to do a powerpoint presentation

Cause I’d rather fight with you than laugh with another
Front Porch Step (via queen-has-arrived)

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I understand. That’s the trouble. I understand. I’ll understand all the time. All day and all night. Especially all night. I’ll understand. You don’t have to worry about that.
Ernest Hemingway, Winner Take Nothing (via seeyouinsamsara)